Lori Crockett Photography & Design | Pricing Explained

What makes a photo shoot so gosh darn expensive?

When you hire a photographer, you aren’t just paying for an hour of shooting with their fancy camera.

The introduction of more affordable digital cameras today has led people to put a lot of emphasis on the equipment over the photographer.  Today’s camera is an incredibly powerful tool, but it’s not as simple as just picking up an expensive piece of equipment and shooting.  Camera settings, lenses, lighting, posing, and post processing all play an important role in taking an image from a snapshot to art.  But at the end of the day, none of these things are a substitute for the eye of the photographer.  I use all of these tools to make sure that your final images reflect what my eye sees on the day of your shoot- vibrant, sharp, priceless moments.

My very first photo session actually consisted of a point and shoot camera, props found around my home, a few yards of fabric, a lot of post processing, and a dangerous statement, “I could do that”.  I’m still incredibly proud of those images, but the fact is, that first session served as a lesson for how difficult it actually was to produce the images I saw in my head (some people hear voices, I see final products).  Over the years I’ve invested in quality cameras, software, lenses, and props.  More importantly I’ve invested in myself, spending countless hours taking classes, researching, shooting, and editing.   

My Lifestyle Session consists of roughly an hour of shooting, a few hours of post processing, and another few hours devoted to planning the session, communicating with the client, providing a sneak peek of the session, and providing you with an online gallery to view your images.  However, you’re not just getting the time spent now, you’re getting years of work and thousands of dollars invested into your family’s images.