Lori Crockett Photography & Design | Snapshot vs Artwork

There is a big difference in what the camera captures and what a photographer sees.  For example, take this image.  First you have SOOC (straight out of camera).  The setup was great, the baby adorable (she’s mineJ), but SOOC is not what I would want a client to hang on their wall as a reflection of my best work.  A basic retouch later, we’re getting there- baby girl’s skin has been cleaned up, the image has been adjusted to be brighter and sharper, and the setup has been tweaked to draw focus to the baby, not the fact that blanket ended before the edge of the image.

Final edit, final subtle tweaks.  This is what my eye saw.  This is what I personally have hanging on my wall (again, she’s mine, so that’s not creepy).  And the same beautiful image in black and white- not just turned to grayscale, but edited to have deep shadows, shaded edges, and increased sharpness on the eyelashes and mouth. 

Snapshot vs Artwork